Monday, February 6, 2012

P.F. Chang's Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon Race Review

Race Review by official Fifty States HALF Marathon Club Member Maureen Bowen:

Ran RR Arizona yesterday and as much as people would like to complain about the Competitor group, this race was a well organized race. (With the exception of the pre-race traffic jam with a road closure for some). Start line organized, Course well marked, 1/2 and marathon totally separated, good parking or transit options, post race area organized (always wish they had more trash cans for the stuff they give out). FROZEN YOGURT WAS GREAT IDEA! Big bottles of gatorade. I either couldn't find or they have discontinued the ice bath area. The weather was FABULOUS for a race and the course was great for a PR even with RR traffic.

Expo had some changes for 2012 including the big Brooks sideshow stuff is gone as well as the Nutralite vitamins RV. One that that will cost me megabucks this year is that a vendor is rolling out sterling silver beads for each RR race (can you hear the cash register) - they do not have dates on them so if you have run a RR event in the past that you would like the bead, you need to wait until it is run this year and can buy it online or at the expo. My next RR will be one that many of you run - New Orleans. I have to give this race an A (I didnt have the traffic problem pre-race.)

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