Friday, December 26, 2014

January Half Marathons in Arizona

There are no half marathons the very last weekend of December in Arizona, and no New Years Eve or New Years Day half marathons, however there are some fantastic half marathons in the month of January in AZ!  There are half marathons in Phoenix, Somerton, Surprise, and Sedona.

For those that like the big venues, the P.F. Chang's Rock'n'roll Half Marathon in Phoenix had a total of over 13,000 finishers in 2014.  For those that are looking more for a scenic half marathon, Sedona Half Marathon is known for it's scenic course and had just under 800 half marathon finishers in 2014.  The Yuma Territorial Half Marathon and ARR Desert Classic Half Marathon, both, are much smaller half marathons with about 277 finishers in Yuma and less than 200 finishers for the ARR Desert Classic in 2014.

Average temps in the phoenix area tend to be in the upper 60's.  Sedona, even nicer for running weather, tends to be in the upper 50's on average.  Surprise, Arizona looks to be about 63 on average throughout the month of January, and Somerton, closer to about 70'ish.

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