Friday, May 12, 2017

June Half Marathons in Arizona

Only one half marathon in June for the entire state of Arizona.  The Rezline Run Half Marathon 2017 is set to take place on June 24th in Indian Wells, Arizona.  No website for Rezline,  and is a no frills kinda race put on by some local families. They do have a Facebook page, with a link to a registration page.  No timing details available.  No post race food described on the site.  No course made available, other than posted as "can be made available".  Not sure Rezline Run would be a race someone would want to travel to with the lack of information provided, but could be a nice race to pick up as a local. Average temps for end of June in Indian Wells, Arizona is around 90 degrees, quite hot for a half marathon distance, however early temps can be as low as upper 50's, and the race does start pretty early, at 6am to beat the heat.

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